Community Chatter

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Community thoughts about the Resiliency Project…..

“The Resiliency Project makes profound, direct, meaningful life altering impact on the community it serves. It was natural for CrossFit LA to rally behind the vision of the Project.”
–Kenny Kane CrossFit LA

“The Grundler Brothers want to give back to the soldiers that help us live the lives we wanted. The Resiliency Project was there for me when I needed help and recovery with my knee and I am forever grateful! Thank you Resiliency Project for all that you do!” — Bill Grundler CrossFit Inferno

“The mission behind the Resiliency Project is one that touches the O2X team and community.  The support to veterans returning from combat injuries (internal and external) is one that the O2X team and community care deeply about. “– Adam LaReau O2X co-founder