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They fight for us. It’s time we fight for them.

As a community of CrossFit coaches, athletes, and health practitioners we are the first line of defense in helping our armed service members successfully return to civilian life. We can help restore their well being as they integrate back into civilian life.

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  • Healthy bodies, healthy minds, exercise changes lives.

    Welcoming active duty and veteran service members into our communities has the power to provide life-changing experiences and transform the quality of life.

    How it works:

    1) We are working to build the biggest CrossFit affiliate and gym network throughout the world, enabling us to connect active and veteran service members to an affiliate or gym close to their home.

    2) Complete the below Resiliency Project Team Member Registration. This is a no cost affiliation.

    3) Assist service members in re-establishing a supportive community. CrossFit affiliates and gym communities provide friendship, skills, accountability and contacts, which aid in fostering networks within the civilian community.

    4)If you offer a military discount or donate memberships to armed services members, great; however, this is not a requirement to join the team.

    We look forward to working with you.

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