Facility Location Registration


One facet of the Resiliency Project is our Facility Network. We are building a network throughout the world to connect active and veteran service members to an affiliate or gym, and other movement resources in within their area. Together our networks establish connections within the civilian community while building a supportive community.

Welcoming active duty and veteran service members into our communities has the power to provide life changing experiences, and transform the quality of one’s life. As a community, we are the first line of defense in assisting members of the armed services to successfully return to civilian life. We know the benefits of community for the average person and how proactive these aspects can be during the transition time. Structure and re-establishing a supportive environment are key. Each facility location provides friendship, skills, accountability and contacts, which aid in fostering networks within the civilian community. In this environment there is a paradigm shift when addressing topics such as learning a new skill, nutrition, and mobility. A service member's belief that they can accomplish their goal is an important life skill. Joining the Resiliency Project Facility Network is a no cost affiliation. The goal is to integrate service members into classes. If you offer a military discount or donate memberships to armed service members, great; however this is not a facility network requirement. As a network member, your location is a resource to armed service members  within  your local community. This distinguishes your location from others in your area. We look forward to working with you!