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Event Support Athlete Impact:

“The mission behind the Resiliency Project is one that touches the O2X team and community.  The support to veterans returning from combat injuries (internal and external) is one that the O2X team and community care deeply about.  The methods RP utilizes to promote increased mobility and muscle recovery were a welcome addition to our O2X BaseCamp.  At O2X, we want to provide the education and training to maximize Human Performance for our athletes during our events and encourage all to live an active and healthier lifestyle. The Resiliency Project Recovery Team helped provide this education behind muscle preparation and recovery to our athletes throughout the weekend.  Thank You RP!”
Adam La Reau O2X co-founder

“HawkGrips treatment during our training leading up to CrossFit Regionals in 2016, was vital to my shoulder health. With all the handstand push ups and snatching we were doing I needed my shoulders treated often. Thanks to HawkGrips I was able stay, painfree, maintain smooth range of motion, and perform at my best in training and on the competition floor.”
Mickey Kilmartin Team CrossFit Free 7th place East Regional

“So thankful for HawkGrips treatments. Last summer, I started experiencing shoulder and knee issues during NEGL season and with HawkGrips I was still able to perform! Leading up to Regionals this season our shoulders again took a beating and it was important for us to stay healthy. HawkGrips were there to loosen us up every step of the way!
Best part is even at local comps I can always turn and see Kaitlin ready to help!”
Corrin Lemieux Team CrossFit Free 7th place East Regional

Thank you SO much for your time and attention. I am absolutely convinced that you helped my recovery tremendously. I expected to be doing the “Kaibab” Shuffle for a few days after the race, however, muscle soreness has been minimal! Thank you! Thank you!”
Steve Anagnos O2X Summit Challenge competitor

“After Kaitlin worked on my hip for about 15:00, I felt an immediate difference. My hip felt much more loosened up and there was less pain. The next day it felt even better. Thank you for your help!”
Emily EOD 131 Memorial Wod participant

“You were a lifesaver at the Reach comp!!!! My hip was really distracting me and obviously uncomfortable, and your expertise and attention made the difference. THANK YOU and I hope to run into you at another competition soon!”
Katie Boshko CrossFit Route 1

“Having the Resiliency Project athlete recovery area was a great thing to see when I walked in because I knew I was going to be taken care of and would be able to focus on my recovery between events.  They shared lots of tips and tricks as well as making sure we were comfortable at all times.  All events should make sure to provide a service like this when possible! “
Paddy Boscoe CrossFit the Swamp

“It was great having the Resiliency Project at ECC! There was always someone available to help alleviate aches and pains. And it’s an added perk that all the trainers are so kind!”
Tasia Percevecz, CrossFit Free 3rd place

“I have tendinitis in my left elbow. Kaitlin saved the day treating me between each workout. The pain and discomfort that normally holds me back was non existent thanks Kaitlin. Thank you so much for your time and expertise.”
Janelle Oloughlin, CrossFit Free

“Kaitlin and the Resiliency Project has been instrumental in keeping my body recovered through the use of the Marc Pro and HawkGrips. At one match, I had a huge knot in my bicep that wouldn’t allow me to do any pull ups. Kaitlin took the time and used HawkGrips to release the knot. In the matter of 10:00 I was able to rep out chest to bar pull ups without any pain. I would love to see Kaitlin and the Resiliency Project at all the NEGL matches.”
Tyler Oleksak
CrossFit Swarm,  New Haven County Miners

“Thank you very much for working on my quads with the HawkGrips and Marc Pro.  With those I was able to push through the rest of the day and claim 2nd place at the competition.  You were very knowledgeable and helpful.”
Andrew Abderrazzaq CrossFit Claddagh

“Having the athlete recovery available at the Frosty Flourisher was invaluable to me as an athlete at this competition! Kaitlin was extremely knowledgeable and very willing to assist me during the competition!”
Gerry Lancia CrossFit Free

“Almost immediately after my session I felt recharged and ready for the next event. The fatigue was gone and the following day I couldn’t tell that I was in a competition the day before. I was amazed how well the Marc Pro worked. Thank you Kaitlin Lyons!!!
Scott Chadwick CrossFit Norconn

“When it comes to facilitating athlete recovery during competition, Troy and his arsenal of Marc Pros are second to none.”
Adam Neiffer  CrossFit Fort Vancouver

“The recovery team does an outstanding job! Whether it’s prepping you for an event and helping your body get into those ideal positions or post workout tending to any collateral damage you might have received from blistered and torn up hands to muscle tightness and fatigue!”
Cheryl Brost 2nd place 40-44 Women’s Masters CrossFit Games

“The Resiliency Project Recovery Team was awesome throughout the CrossFit Games. they kept me healthy and performing at my best all weekend, and they did it with smiles on their faces the whole time. A great group of people who definitely know how to take care of athletes.”
Sheila Barden 25th place CrossFit Games

“I was in some pretty severe pain and exhausted after the Lumberjack 2014.  About 20-30 mins after competing, I used the Marc Pro for 20 mins and the pain was virtually gone and I was walking normal again.  I was extremely excited with the results.”
Rich Buzzell CrossFit Portsmouth, Marshwood Athletics

“The staff and athletes at the San Jose Moxie Madness Individual Series could not have been happier with Troy and the Marc Pro! Thanks to Troy, the athletes were able to perform at their highest ability while getting attended to properly with an expertise and product with genuine care and proven results.”
Chris Michelmore,
CrossFit Moxie

“Changes in my training – a shift in programming and the advent of two-a-days – had me struggling to keep up with my recovery. I have always had severe chronic tightness in a few spots, but when this started interfering with my ability to train (and, y’know, live…), I bit the bullet and bought a Marc Pro. Where other rollers/balls/tools can’t even make a dent, the Marc Pro breaks things up enough that I can regain access to that tissue, get the blood back in there and get back to work.” Katie Lynch CrossFit Bona Fide

“The level of support and dedication that Troy Willis provides is unparalleled. Every event that Troy is at he is focused on providing every athlete the best opportunity to recovery and perform at their highest level!”
Joshua Zavertnik

“It was great having Kaitlin at our gym after Wod with Warriors! I felt pampered like an elite athlete. I had never experienced the Marc Pro or the Hawkgrips soft tissue mobilization before, and to be honest they both looked intimidating to me. Her explanations put me at ease. They were both actually very comfortable and I was able to totally relax. After only about 20 minutes with the Marc Pro Plus on one shoulder  I got up and instantly felt the results. The area treated felt really fresh– like I’d had a whole rest day! And my range of motion was notiecably improved compared to the other shoulder. I think I could get hooked!”
Chris Smith CrossFit Reclamation

“Flex in the City was my first exposure to the Marc Pro as far as the client experience goes. As a doctor and a gym owner I can say with confidence that the Marc Pro is a great recovery tool not just for my athletes, but myself as well. I love my Marc Pro!”
Sean Pastuch – Owner CrossFit King of Island Park

“We appreciate the time Kaitlin spent at basecamp and helped make our events top notch.”
Adam La Reau O2X co -founder