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Mobility and recovery masters provide a rich athlete experience at events.

In 2011, the Resiliency Project began providing a unique athlete support experience at events across the country. Our goal is to complement the triage team while providing a relaxing prep and recovery experience before, between, and following workouts.  This platform provides a rich experience of education surrounding the benefits of electronic muscle stimulation, mobility, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, hydration, and practical experience. Contact us to attend your event. Events are added all year.

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2018 Schedule:

   January 21st Not Your Average Joe’s 6 (Danvers, Ma)
Hosted by: TreeHouse School of Fitness/NSCF


February 10th: 2018 Clash Of The Couples [REDUX] (Merrimack,Nh)
Hosted by: RP Team Member, CrossFit Earned

  February 11th: Super Swole Bowl 2018 (Auburn, Ma)
Hosted by: RP Team Member, CrossFit Claddagh
  March 25th: Dork Memorial  (Auburn, Ma)
Heat Sign Up  Donation Link Hosted by: RP Team Member, CrossFit Claddagh

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