Service Member Reflections

Over the past couple years, the Resiliency Project has discreetly assisted active duty and veteran service members with essential resources, recovery protocols, and training to maximize performance across situations. Making real lasting change in people’s lives.

“Huge thanks to the Resiliency Project for all of their help to active service members, veterans, and so many others at affiliates worldwide. You truly have impacted me not just on a physical level by providing recovery methods, but by helping me help others which is the best gift someone can give. Thank you”
Paul Alkoby USAF Medic

“Just wanted to thank Resiliency Project for their amazing support for active duty service members and veterans. I hold this awesome organization very near and dear to my heart. I am forever thankful and blessed to have this support group attending to my daily recovery needs. I am better because of them. THANK YOU RESILIENCY PROJECT!”
Ron Bass US Air Force SSGT

“The Resiliency Project has allowed me to re-connect in a way that provides real interaction with people who want to see my life improve. Troy and everyone I have worked with have helped right my life by consistently reaching out to me, offering advice on ways to look at life in a more positive light, and by getting me involved with a Veteran community that has similar circumstances to myself.”
Kyle B. Knapp Army Battalion Mortar Platoon Sergeant

“Being an Infantry Soldier in the Army isn’t supposed to be easy, but the Resiliency Project has done more than I could have imagined to help me out. Facing possible surgery for compartment syndrome in my lower legs, and long last sciatica in my lower back, I had resigned myself to life long pain. After getting in contact with Kaitlin and Troy, I was immediately provided with mobility work to improve my situation. After using the Marc Pro, I started seeing remarkable improvements in both pain management, and functionality. I can’t explain how it feels to grudgingly accept that you will have a “back problem” or pain in this or that area. Thanks to the Resiliency Project, I don’t accept that anymore, and I couldn’t be more thankful.”
SPC Francisco Colon

“I developed bilateral primary chronic lymphedema while serving in the military. This causes both of my legs to swell uncontrollably. I was pretty much given no hope of it ever resolving or healing and was very discouraged at the traditional treatments which involved painful, challenging, and unsightly compression garments.

I participate in yoga, adaptive sports specifically long distance cycling and CrossFit. I found Crossfit on accident and at first I thought I had lost my mind, that there was no way I could do intense exercises. Turned out I could actually do a lot more than I thought I could do, even being the walking wounded, and it was LOTS OF FUN and no one judged me! Crossfit, yoga, and cycling are what pulled me out of the ditch I was in and gave me the physical and mental challenges I needed. However, I continued to face challenges in regards to the lymphedema. The uncontrollable swelling causes me to have problems with ankle mobility.

Troy used the Mobility WOD Edition Marc Pro Plus device on my legs. My legs immediately felt more alive, looser and lighter. I often struggle to get into a comfortable position due to my feet, and ankles feeling so heavy. I often get very painful cramps and/or my feet and legs go numb at night. However that evening, I had NO PAIN! My legs felt relaxed and I was able to sleep and wake up pain free for the first time in ages!  But the best part was when I looked at my legs, they both were not as pink in color, way less inflamed, and looked noticeably smaller. I could not hold back my tears of joy! I was very excited to call Troy back with the news and he was just as excited! If I use it before I go to bed, I find that I am able to sleep better due to my legs feeling relaxed afterwards.

Thank you Troy for your help and generosity in getting a device to me. Thank you to everyone who has helped the Resiliency Project!
Sarah Bonner United States Air Force, Finance technician

“Using the Marc Pro members of my team were able to fit in rehab into an otherwise busy schedule. As any soldier can tell you, your body takes a beating doing the job, and it was invaluable having the Resiliency Project as a resource. Having past serving members amongst their ranks allows the Project to understand and appreciate lifestyle of past and present service members. My team and I will always be indebted to the Project for reaching out the way they did, going off my word only and their desire to help others.”
–Andrew Active Duty