More than 2.6 million US armed service members have returned from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is estimated that over half struggle with physical or mental health problems as a result of their service and the frustrations of feeling disengaged from civilian life upon their return.

      One facet of the Resiliency Project is our Facility Network. We are building the biggest network throughout the world, enabling us to connect active duty and veteran service members to a CrossFit affiliate or gym close to their home.

      Welcoming active duty and veteran service members into our communities has the power to provide life changing experiences, and transform the quality of one's life. As a community, we are the first line of defense in assisting members of the armed services to successfully return to civilian life. We know the benefits of community for the average person and how proactive these aspects can be during the transition time and beyond. Structure and re-establishing a supportive environment are key.

      A second facet of the Resiliency Project is Event Support. The Resiliency Project provides a unique athlete support experience at events across the country. Our goal is to complement the triage team while providing a relaxing prep and recovery experience before, between, and following workouts.  This platform provides a rich experience of education surrounding the benefits of electronic muscle stimulation, mobility, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, hydration, practical experience, and sharing the Resiliency Project and grow the Facility Network. Joining the athlete and tactical athlete communities to work together  creates a collaborative environment to identify common situations faced, sharing of best practices, working together to solve treatment situations, and achieving collective goals.  With aligned interests in improving experiences there is value for all involved. Athletes help to build donation units for the Resiliency Project  by using  Resiliency Project links and codes to purchase products with no additional cost. Athletes get resources they need and have impact within the armed service community.

      A third facet of the Resiliency Project is products that work with the Project. Donation units for service members in need are built through product sales. Using Resiliency Project links and codes when purchasing is a way to give back to this community with no additional cost involved.

      The Resiliency Project thrives with the support of benefactors, Facility Network locations, and products that work with the Project. Through this support we are able to provide scholarship assistance obtaining necessary resources, recovery protocols, medical services, counseling services, facility membership, and skill training. Creating real change within service members' lives.

      It’s a strong start.

      However, we have much more to do!